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The Motivats

Ready to Love Course

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Hi everyone, welcome to this exclusive course where we show you how to prepare your love mindset to begin a healthy love relationship in an inspiring and transformative way without losing yourself. The session aims at transforming your mindset to give you a good foundation to prepare you for a great love life.

Video + Exercises + Certificate


This is for you:

  • If you have no clue what you are truly seeking in a romantic relationship
  • If your personal relationship strategies have failed over and over again
  • If you are very busy with little time to think about a relationship 
  • If you find it challenging to start a happy relationship
  • If your self esteem and confidence have dwindled 
  • If holding a conversation is a challenge
  • If you are struggling to forgive yourself and others

So the objective is to empower you with the right love mindset to:

  • Gain valuable insight on understanding Love
  • Help you understand the key to healthy relationships
  • Provide you with inspiration for self love and reflection
  • Help tailoring your life goals towards a successful relationship
  • Help manage fear and anxiety by breaking unhealthy patterns
  • Boost your confidence using a relationship blueprint
  • Help understand health and productive communication skills
  • Help to understand the power of forgiveness
  • Help you to stay motivated and true to your standards by rewiring your believes

With 25 years of marriage under our belt, 3 authored books on love relationships, with a following of over one million people, 370 million hashtag views, we are going to show you the strategies that have proven to work successfully in generating a love mindset that leads to a successful love life. And more than that, these methods have completely changed many people's lives who have shown a deep sense of commitment and determination to starting a love relationship.

We do highly value you and remember you are guaranteed great results if you focus on what is lined-up for you in this program with a high level of determination and commitment. Avoid any distractions and procrastination if you want to achieve true love success. Truthfully, everybody is going to get to the point of success. You've got to be consistent, but the most important thing of all is just sticking to the learning process. Sticking to it and never giving up.

So this is your time to build a great foundation; I mean the right love mindset as you aspire to start a meaningful love relationship.