In our previous article we highlighted who a matchmaker is and so the next logical question is how does it all come together? Let start by saying matchmaking is not about chance or fate, it’s actually more scientific than most of us imagine. There are algorithms involved so that the matchmaker does not rely just on their own intuition whether someone is a good fit for you. It’s also a methodical process that ensures that the results will be worth the wait, and that’s why we say it’s a journey. When you approach a matchmaker, you must have an open mind, not set in your ways, just like we trust other professionals and their words bear weight, so should you trust your matchmaker.

The matchmaking process is not complicated, and it is an enjoyable journey of self-discovery and your significant other. Honesty is key when using a matchmaker, you need to tell it all, the good bad and the ugly, after all it’s all confidential. The more you open up the better your chances of being matched quickly. This is all done in a confidential set up so your privacy is guaranteed. 

In a nutshell, this is how our matchmaking process works.

  • We get to know you through an initial session, since this is the first step we don’t dig too deep, but we need to see you, authenticity is key for us.
  • We use guided questionnaires to get to the core and know everything about you, your personal information, family background, relationship history etc, 
  • That information is then used to build a comprehensive dating profile for you, this is what we base our next actions on, again we stress…..honesty is key.
  • We then help you build an avatar of your future spouse, crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’ to get a comprehensive description, it’s as we are looking at a photo of your future spouse but through your eyes.
  • We then build a set of deal breakers, these are things you will not want in a spouse or in your future with them, and we pay very close attention to this when matching you.
  • In the same breath, we build a set of your must haves going beyond ‘tall, dark and handsome’ or ‘slender, beautiful’ to values that will sustain the relationship.
  • We search far and wide till we find the person who fits all the above, using latest technology to ensure that we hit the bull eye or come very close to.
  • We then make the introduction and arrange a date making sure that the venue will is right for a first date, we only do this if you say yes to the date.
  • If need be, we prepare you for your first date to make sure you get a good dating experience.

Motivat matchmakers match values for values, and personality for personality, this is what makes relationships last. We roll our sleeves and do all the work for you as sit back get ready to meet the wonderful people we will introduce you to. What could be more magical than that!!!!!!!!!!