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Work with our professional team of Coaches and develop the skills to find love, while maintaining your privacy and peace of mind.

Motivat Coaches assist individuals who are serious about finding long-term relationships and experiencing love without hurt. Unlike casual dating services or dating apps, our coaching services are delivered with an objective of a committed relationship.

Our services are professional and confidential. Whether you are newly single, concerned about privacy, or tired of wasting time swiping, Motivat Coaching team is ready to guide and support you in your love life.

We are one of the most established in the industry having been featured in Opra Magazine, Black Love, The Shade Room, Viola Davis, Enews, BET International, People Magazine, The Voice, NWE Media, Daily Nation etc. 


The Matchmaking Process

When its comes to helping you find love for yourself or someone else, we don't leave anything to chance

The very first step in the process is to complete a confidential online application so we can learn about you and what you’re looking for in a partnership.

We send you a tailored set of additional questions to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for in a significant other.

If we believe we’re a good fit, we'll extend an invitation to interview with one of our matchmakers. The interview normally lasts one hour.

We'll conduct an in-depth, customized search to find your matches. We guarantee that your matches align with what we discuss in your interview.

We schedule your matches at our partner locations (or via video). We ensure you have a great experience.

We evaluate all of your matches together. What did you like? What would you like us to focus on for your next match?



For the Elite Singles, Divorced and Widowed individuals yearning for long term relationships

What you will learn

- Attracting the right Partner

- Dating boundaries & standards

- Breaking unhealthy dating patterns

- Dating on Purpose

- Chemistry vs compatibility and much more...

What you get

- 4 Weeks Group Dating Coaching

- Workbook by the Motivats

- Great Network (Exclusive Top Singles Group)

- Certificate

- Case Studies and Q&A discussions

And much more...


- 4 Weeks (Once a Week)

- Venue: VIRTUAL TRAINING (with the Motivats)


- Pay using all majors Cards or Mobile

- MPESA, available at the end the checkout process



experience love 
without hurt 

Our Vision is to reduce relationship conflicts and end all family breakups

Our Mission is to create learning experiences for individuals to build strong long-term relationships.


Find out your LOVE LANGUAGE


Motivat Pre-Marital Counseling is on a mission is to strengthen every couple’s relationship

The Motivats Premarital counseling is a therapy which helps to prepare the couples mentally for marriage. The counseling helps to make sure that you and your spouse can have a strong and healthy relationship throughout your marriage life. The Motivats Premarital counseling helps to improve a couple’s relationship before marriage.

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Break all records in your Relationship

Our passion is to inspire, influence and join with our Motivats Lovers in spreading love on the planet. We would like to see every member Live a Life that they Love.

With a following of over one million people, 1 billion hashtag views, Dr Bea and Dr Jones are are going to share with you the strategies that have proven to work successfully in generating a love mindset that leads to a successful love life.

 We have years of doctorate research on emotional intelligence; we’ve authored several books about love; we have hosted hundreds of seminars about how to maintain healthy relationships; and we have led many people on a successful journey towards love through coaching. Your questions are safe in our community.

 And more than that, these methods have completely changed many people's lives who have shown a deep sense of commitment and determination to starting a love relationship.


When its comes to love, leaving it to chance can be painful

The first step to improvement is to determine the areas of concern. When you look at your love life, are the following realities familiar...

Do you constantly second-guess your thoughts and behavior to avoid being hurt or put down by your date or partner.

Communication in your relationship and conversation has turned into fighting and conflict.

You have given up your identity and lifestyle to keep your relationship together.

You’ve felt alone and far from your partner, or who is unwilling until this point to put in the effort to turn things around.

You really want to be dating but are on the sidelines, wondering if you will ever find anyone, or if anyone will find you.

You are looking for a fulfilling, passionate, committed love relationship full of trust, security, intimacy and affection, but you can’t seem to figure out how to get hold of it.

You’re tired and sick of feeling frustrated, confused, and hurt in your relationship.


Connect with the Motivats

Love Quizzes

Love Success Affirmations - 10 Wallpaper Pack - Used by The Motivats
Love Success Affirmations - 10 Wallpaper Pack - Used by The Motivats

Love Success Affirmations - 10 Wallpaper Pack - Used by The Motivats

You won’t believe this….With the Motivats....It all started with words of affirmations

Many people always ask….What was your trick 28 years ago for getting a loving partner who treats you like a queen?

I was then an undergraduate student when I started the journey of positive affirmations for a loving partner. They worked.


We have put together the positive affirmations I used to get my dear loving husband. Every time you watch our videos know it all started with words of affirmations

These words will help you to:
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Get motivated to dream about your partner
  • Prepare yourself for your love partner
  • Maintain a positive outlook as you look forward to a successful love life etc
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We have assembled the very best in every area of relationship coaching, emotional intelligence, and matchmaking. 

Belinda Schmidt

Joy Aluoch

Esther Bisset

Lydia Kosgey

Helen Winkel

Kenneth Brown

Peter Young

Irene Maina

Pauline Ashley


We all deserve love, happiness and success in life. Let's create together a life that you love. 

Thank you for saving my relationship from more HURTS. We used to argue and shout at each other. However, after listening to your live sessions, we were able to make a list of our Love Goals “We are now focusing on building a bright future together. Thanks a million, Motivats.

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Your tips have really helped me. You have made me realize that Love without hurt is possible. I have been on and out of relationships, some of them left me really hurt and feared starting another relationship least I get hurt again.  I have started dating again.

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I have no words to express my happiness. Am so glad that am part of the Motivat Community. Am a single mother of two who was struggling to get a date. With my hands full I always found myself busy. I had been in a toxic relationship before. I was hurt and broken.

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