About the Motivats

When Dr Beatrice & Dr Jones founded "The Motivats", a Motivat Network initiative in 2021, their vision was to create an matchmaking service that applied emotional intelligence principals and business expertise to matchmaking. Using their emotional intelligence and data science background, matchmaking experience and extensive research, they have developed a platform with tools for matching and profiling assessment.

Their team team of matchmakers have been thoroughly trained and consists for experts, coaches and are always striving to stay informed on relevant research within the industry, The Motivats continues to evolve into a truly world-class matchmaking agency, exclusively for elite individuals.

Dr Beatrice & Dr Jones are widely renowned as one of the world’s foremost voices on love and relationships and have been featured extensively Featured in Opra Magazine, Black love, The Shade room, Viola Davis, Enews, BET International, People Magazine , The Voice, NWE Media.

At The Motivats, our approach is personal, professional and confidential. Our network of elite single men and women consists only of those individuals who have been personally selected by us, with the help of our consultants from across the globe.

Vision: To reduce relationship conflicts and end all family breakups

Mission: We are creating learning experiences for individuals to build strong long-term relationships.

Motto:  Love without hurt

The Motivats

Dr Jones and his wife Dr Bea have been married for more than 24 years. They have two wonderful grown up children and are known as passionate relationship and motivational speakers. They have years of doctorate research on emotional intelligence; they’ve authored several books about love; and have hosted hundreds of seminars about how to maintain healthy relationships; and led many people on a successful journey towards love through coaching.

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