Love language is the way we express love to our significant other and also how we prefer love expressed to us. Picture this, you are sitting on a couch, it’s a quiet evening probably watching a movie. Would you rather be cozied up in one blanket, close to each other sharing a bowl of popcorn, or would you rather be in different couches each cozy in their own way and each with a bowl of popcorn? That question is simple and not so simple, there are things in a relationship we don’t pay attention to and they lead to a quiet frustration. 

It’s your birthday, or mother’s day etc, one of those days you wish to go all out and be made to feel special by your significant other. Would prefer a quiet romantic dinner or flowers accompanied by an expensive gift? What we are trying to ask is this, what is your love language? Love language is a way of expressing your affection to your spouse in the way they like to receive it. 

There are four types of love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation: A lot of us like to hear some nice words, they boost our confidence, make us inspired to do more. In a relationship, this love language means you or spouse prefers to hear those nice words. If you cook a good meal , compliments good along way, or you are told you are smart, beautiful, handsome, thank you etc and of course the magic words :I love you”. If this is your love language or your partners these words of affirmations is what you need to be happy and fulfilled or your partner.

  • Quality time: You heard it currently, it's a way of expressing love, spending quality time just the two of you. There should be times when the gadgets can be kept away and just enjoy each other, such that you give each other undivided attention. You could be in the kitchen preparing a meal, and your partner joins you or you join them because that quality time means more than words to them. It could be a nice evening stroll, the key is nothing else is competing for your attention or theirs.

  • Physical touch: This goes beyond the bedroom but is an important component, it’s the touch of love when you are going about your daily routine. This could be holding hands, PDA’s, cuddling as you watch a movie etc, your partner will feel more fulfilled when you express love through touch and vice versa. 

  • Acts of service: This is when you do something nice for your partner without being asked to, they are selfless acts such as cooking a meal for him or her, helping with chores among others. You do all this without any promoting but because you acknowledge your significant other does a lot in the relationship and helping is your way of showing love.

  • Gifts: We would all love this one because it is the physical and expensive way of showing love, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts say a lot about the way we are loved. It’s not just about receiving, it’s about giving too, and remember it’s the thought that counts at times. Sometimes the best gifts have no monetary value.

This is very significant when it comes to building a fulfilling relationship, and as Motivat matchmakers your love language is one of key parameters in finding you the “one”. Once you understand each other’s love language, you gain understanding that at times takes couples years to get right and with many fights under their belt. We will help you understand your own love language and that your partner so you both can express love in the way the other likes to receive. Note, though all languages are within us, we all have a dominant one that carries the day and help us become more fulfilled in a relationship.