In this month of love, we continue to encourage self -love because you cannot withdraw from an empty vessel. The more you have the more you can give without losing yourself and your identity in the process. For as long as I can remember, we were taught to write essays ,compositions etc and we were required to write many pages, and for some of us a career in writing was born. 

Suppose we were to ask you to write a love letter to yourself, I can already see confusion written in your faces. But that’s our topic for the day, would you be able to write a love letter to yourself? Before the digital age, lovers wrote long letters to each other, the expectation was exciting as the letter itself. They poured their hearts to each other, as per their prowess and mastery of poetry and expressionism. 

In that love letter to yourself, how would you start? Would you be kind to yourself, would you write gentle expressive words that portray you in the best light? Every time we go for an interview, we are asked one question we wish the interviewer would forget “tell us about yourself”. We expect it but we rarely are fully prepared for it, because when it comes to describing yourself that’s a nerve wracking moment. It’s easier to describe our highlights and achievements, we can describe our family with accuracy and precision, our friends etc but not ourselves. Are you passionate, kind, patient with an accommodating heart, or is that what your friends say about you? Deep inside who do you think you are, what makes you unique, stand out from the crowd? Whether you know it or not, something will make someone forsake all else and choose you as a spouse for better or worse, in sickness and in health….and mean it.

So what will you write in that letter, what will you say to yourself about your love life and what you deserve? Let’s start the challenge, take a pen and paper, this does not require combing the internet for inspiration, after all who knows more about you than yourself. In this letter, write compelling statements about the kind of person you are. Before you start writing, promise yourself that you will not copy and paste from what is out there, even if you are not a writer, we don’t need you to be one. Don’t worry about using fancy words or decorative phrases, it needs to be authentic in your own handwriting and from your heart. If that is hard, start by writing adjectives that best describe you e.g. caring, thoughtful, faithful etc. once you nail that list, use them to write statements about you. For example, I am a caring person who can weather all storms in life and come out the other side holding the hand of the one I love. It’s not easy, but we encourage you to do this, it may sound old fashioned but we guarantee it works.

There is no limit as to how much you can write, after you this is about you. Once you finish writing, you can hang it on someone or keep it somewhere you can refer to from time to time. Remember, we want only the strong points about you because weaknesses can be turned into strengths but not vice versa. We are throwing this challenge to all our loyal readers out there, kindly let us know how the writing will go and if you can share with us your letter, we will publish it. Of course it will be anonymous, we will publish a few in our future blogs, we wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you. Remember we as Motivats believe in you, your uniqueness and would love to have that shine in your love life.