We have declared February the month of self-love for all our singles out there, and even if you are in a relationship it’s still very important. We left off with writing a love letter to ourselves, and some of us are having challenges others are not. Keep going, this is for yourself, don’t give up, even if all you have are a few statements or words. 

As we focus on self-love, I heard a famous author and motivational speaker say “I have dated me and I know me”. Honestly I was taken back by that loaded statement, how anyone can say that with confidence and conviction that made me believe it was real. That’s what we call a loaded statement, I mean even now I am still discovering some truths about myself, and that’s life I guess. It’s easy to date someone, and when you go on a date first there is the excitement of meeting that person, then on the actual date you genuinely want to know them and what they are all about. They make you laugh as they share their stories with you, can make you sad as they share their heart breaks and so forth. If the relationship has potential then getting to know the other person becomes mandatory almost as they also get to know you.

What if there is no one sitting at that table, you are dating yourself, is that even acceptable or by society standards weird. I don't think it means going to a restaurant, with flowers, reserve two seats, and talk to yourself through dinner. I think it’s a deeper form of self-love where you invest in yourself because you love the person that you are both in and out. How can you show love to yourself this valentines?

  • Manage self-dialogues: Alot of us have serious conversations about ourselves, and the most common asked question is “what do you see and say when you are in front of the mirror. You are a beautiful /handsome unique person no matter the hand life has dealt you, you are one of a kind and you need to keep saying it because we believe in it for you, believe it for yourself.

  • Practice self – acceptance: In life we all have what we believe are shortcomings, we compare ourselves with others, the danger is our uniqueness gets lost in the process. Accept yourself as you are, this transformation begins from the inside, you have amazing potential to love, in fact you can love till they make a movie about you. Even if you get it wrong a few times, you have the courage to try. They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. Love yourself through the good, the bad and the ugly, even if no one else does.

  •  Establish self boundaries: Know what pushes your buttons, what positive and negative energy looks to you and the impact they have on your inner peace and tranquility. Self- love means you know when you have reached your limit and need to find your off switch because that environment you are in is not good for you. Love yourself to say ‘No’ because its falls outside your boundaries, love yourself to say “Yes’ because it’s part of your healthy boundaries.
  • Practice Self – indulgence: I don’t mean food, I mean do more of what makes you happy, let what’s inside you shine. Hug yourself once in a while, give yourself a pat in the back, just like we would a friend. Be your own best friend and number one fan, weird as it may sound.  What message are you telling yourself as you do this? I am proud of myself, I believe in myself, and I love myself. I think it’s important to repeat that last one over and over again ‘I love myself (put your name instead of myself). 

  • As Motivats we join you in sending that message to yourself, because we believe in it. Take a bold step and declare, I will date myself because I really need to get to know me. Here is a secret (sshhh) : self-loving makes you very attractive. From all of us at Motivat Matchmakers, we join hands with you in this journey, and say “WE LOVE YOU AND WE BELIEVE IN YOU”.