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The Motivats

Motivat Matchmaking

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Motivat Matchmakers assists individuals who are serious about finding long-term relationships and experiencing love without hurt. Unlike casual dating services or dating apps, every match is made with an objective of a committed relationship.

Our services are professional and confidential. Whether you are newly single, concerned about privacy, or tired of wasting time swiping, Motivat Matchmakers is ready to guide and support you in your love life.

We are one of the most established in the industry having been featured in Opra Magazine, Black Love, The Shade Room, Viola Davis, Enews, BET International, People Magazine, The Voice, NWE Media, Daily Nation etc. 

The Matchmaking Process

  • When its comes to helping you find love for yourself or someone else, we don't leave anything to chance
  • The very first step in the process is to complete a confidential online application so we can learn about you and what you’re looking for in a partnership.
  • We send you a tailored set of additional questions to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for in a significant other.
  • If we believe we’re a good fit, we'll extend an invitation to interview with one of our matchmakers. The interview normally lasts one hour.
  • We'll conduct an in-depth, customized search to find your matches. We guarantee that your matches align with what we discuss in your interview.
  • We schedule your matches at our partner locations (or via video). We ensure you have a great experience.
  • We evaluate all of your matches together. What did you like? What would you like us to focus on for your next match?