Even though matchmaking is as old as history itself, and has been a common practice in some countries like India, the concept of matchmaking remains unpopular in some countries. In the famous fairy tale of Cinderella, the poor girl who could not only get permission to attend the ball but had nothing to wear. And as she lay heartbroken…….boom…...a fairly god mother appears, she waves her magic wand and transformed Cinderella into a fairly princess, guaranteeing the prince would fall head over heels for her.  A matchmaker is like a fairly godmother. 

The truth is, it not always easy to find the love of your life, and you have been through all the hustle till you cannot go one more blind date or swipe anymore. Just like in every area of our life there comes a time we must admit we need help. That help in the journey of love is a matchmaker. A matchmaker is as professional who job is to connect like- minded singles with each other for the sole purpose of forming a long term relationship. They use their expertise and intuition to guide you in the path of love, making sure that the two people share common interests and values so that even before they meet they already have a lot in common…in short…they are a match.

Your matchmaker does all the work for you, they help you build a profile portraying you in the best possible light but not misrepresenting facts, they get you the right match, they coach you as you date, walk the journey with you and celebrate with you as you walk down the aisle. A matchmaker has a lot of expertise in love matters, they can identify habit and patterns that are keeping you single that you may not be aware of. A matchmaker guarantees confidentiality, your journey is private and will remain so even after you are successfully matched. They work hard to get you your ideal mate, and they don’t stop till you get that someone you want to date seriously and see what the future holds.

When looking for a matchmaker:

  • Check out their credentials especially their expertise in love and relationships, it’s an added advantage if they have authored books etc.

  • Make sure that the chemistry is right, this is a person who you will open up to in depth more than you have done to anyone else, this is a person you are trusting with the most important aspect of your life, your love life. Buy the person first then their services.

  • Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask them, and gauge how they answer you, they should be open and honest because to them you could be a potential client.

  • Ask if they have any certification or formal training, this add to their credentials.

In short, do your due diligence and get value from the engagement, or ask the Motivats, we will provide great insights as you also get to know us and our matchmaking services.