This month we gift you a blank canvas, and now that we have done serious self-loving, this month we want you to wipe the slate clean as far as your love life is concerned. What do we mean? In our journey of finding love some of us have been hurt, wounded, and have numerous regrets about what we could have done differently. What we really want to know is: 

  • Why did they walk away, were you not enough for them?
  • What did you do to drive them away?
  • Was any of it real, all those promises they made to you?
  • Will the pain ever stop or those haunting memories?
  • Will you ever love again and what if you get it wrong again?

We have numerous questions we cannot ask out loud but they linger in us. Will those questions ever be answered, maybe not but again will knowing the answers ease the pain most likely not. Even if they answered you know that would generate more questions needing more answers and it will become a never-ending cycle. The past is a powerful thing, it haunts us even when we don’t want it to, any small trigger and we are back in that space again.  It is easier to hold onto the pain than do something to ease it, it is a natural human reaction. Yet love is one of those things we all desire and need, it is a powerful emotion that can turn our world upside down positively or negatively. 

Everyone has an experience but this month we want to focus on confronting those fears and denying them the power to affect our future. That’s why this month we want you to have a blank canvas and rewrite your story with the kind of ending you want. Earlier we told you to write a love letter to yourself and we trust you did that, that’s a good way to start your blank canvas. What will be the purpose of the blank canvas? 

  • Help you forgive yourself, we have all heard, that forgiveness is not for the other person it’s for you and has numerous health benefits. They walked away, hurt you badly and probably you invested more than just your emotions in it.  Do not carry that hurt anymore, yes things did work out but you are still you, with a bright future ahead of you. They may have taken a few years of your life but do not let them have your future.  Agree that things did not work out, draw key lessons and purpose to move on, chances are the other person has. Let the bitterness go, seek help if need be, forgive the person you became during and after the relationship and embrace the person you are now.  Better, stronger, wiser for having loved and lost than never have loved at all. 
  • Forgive the other person, though not as easy as it sounds it is part of the healing journey. They taught you important lessons, now you know what a bad relationship looks like and what a healthy one should look like. They broke your heart because they were not right for you, so forgive them so they no longer have a hold on you. Every time you hear their name you break down, you still ache for them, seek help to let go, your future is too important to let them dictate it. 
  • Paint a new ending with bright colours, you have a blank canvas to draw a new ending, but that can only happen if you truly forgive yourself and others. Once the regrets and bitterness are gone, you have a clear vision to paint a beautiful picture of a new happy ending. Be generous, be bold and colour without holding back, you don't have to be an artist. Maybe all you can draw is sunshine, it’s the meaning behind it, you envision sunshiny days in your future, warm, bright and happy. 

Welcome to the month of a blank canvas, as Motivat matchmakers we are committed as always to walk this journey with you. And if you need help to grow to the place of drawing sunshine, we are ready and eager to help. We will hold your hand till you are steady to draw on your own.