As we celebrate this month of love I find myself reflecting on my journey of love, a trip down memory lane rewinding my love tape to 25+ years back. I was then a University student and very new to the world of being alone, independent without the protective cover of my parents. Looking back I am not sure who found who, maybe what’s clear is who made the first move. This was my first serious relationship and as fate would have it my only till today, and I count myself blessed. There are many in my day, who thought they found love but it did not last and the reasons for that are as diverse as the reasons they thought they were in love. When I spotted my husband, I would write a book (wait, I have) on what my thoughts were at that exact moment I saw him.

Did my heart skip a beat, probably not, were my palms sweaty and speech blurred as I was so taken back by this tall dark and handsome man, I will have to search my notes. 

But let me tell you what I know and remember till today.

  • There was a light in his eyes that shone brightly and still does.
  • There was focus in his face like a man who had it all figured out.
  • There was determination in his hands as he plucked those guitar strings (I knew those hands will hold me as firmly and with the same determination during life’s storms.)
  • There was a steadiness in his walk that would make me know he would always lead the way.
  • There was greatness in his appearance as he confidently led his team to a great performance. (he has maintained the same greatness for 25+ years).
  • There was warmth in his smile that would make even the cloudy days sunny.
  • Maybe I was a girl who was smitten, but I remember that clearly and that has not changed since today. And we celebrate our 25th valentine’s day as a married couple, we are thankful for a lot. We have children of our own, and our dream is that they would find true love and experience its magic for years to come. We are Motivats, we help people find love and that remains our true passion. But over and above that, it’s for ourselves, so that we have a household that reflects love in its purest form, so our children can pass on that legacy for generations to come. Our message is clear, they deserve to be loved and should always expect that of themselves and their future partners. We pass the same message to you, don’t settle because then you are selling yourself short. 

    I reflect with a smile, I have had a good life, have known love in its deepest and most amazing form, and my choice to become a matchmaker is motivated by that. If I can influence a generation to believe in love like I do, then I will have achieved my purpose. Once you believe in love then let us help you find it. Keep believing, keep hoping and keep dreaming….love will find you.