Welcome to February, the month of love they say and there will be very many remainders that indeed it is all about love. I always think that probably being the shortest month of the year it suits to be the month of love. Ideally it’s only the one day, but there will be reminders as early as the next week that it's valentines. All of us have mixed feelings about that day, some are excited about it and others wish it would pass quietly. Sadly disappointments of the day have made many relationships break, so if you are dating make sure you get a good gift. This whole month we have dedicated our blog to love because we believe you can celebrate love even if not the romantic kind.

The color of the month is red. It has always perplexed me why they choose that color, red means love, symbolic of the heart, and the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. That’s the scientific explanation, but whilst red is truly the color of love, and red roses are pretty and quite acceptable, I mean it’s every lady's dream to receive a bouquet of red roses. Flipping the coin, red can also mean trouble. Some of us saw red in our relationships till we had to call it off, to others the journey of finding love has been red due to bleeding hearts and numerous heart breaks. I know a friend who does not celebrate valentines because it has painful memories. He lost their wife on valentine's day, 5 years ago. Since then every mention of valentines conjures painful memories and that's just how life is at times. Some couples get married on Valentine’s Day, so they have a double celebration on that day.

We all have amazing capacity to love, whether family, friends or lovers, and love truly is a powerful emotion, and what’s true is all of us have experienced love in our lives at one point including Agape love. However, because romantic love has the most power to transform based on how two people feel, we feel empty when we don’t have it. This month we urge you to celebrate those who have loved you and those you love whomever they are. 

As Motivats, we celebrate the month of love because we believe that we all have a reason to celebrate, maybe not with all the hullabaloo that comes with the day but in your own unique way. Celebrate that you have amazing capacity to love and you still have a chance to find true love, and if it has not happened organically you can reach out for help without any reservations. Our message will be consistent, gift yourself love and let the red in your heart be that of true love without hurt, that’s our promise to you.

We welcome February, and we say our doors are open. Our wish for you is that next Valentine’s Day you will celebrate with your significant other.