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The Motivats

Compatibility Assessment

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Motivat Matchmakers has created a platform product that would reduce conflicts and help couples easily cleave to one another. Compatibility assessment by the Motivats is a tool that helps determine the level of compatibility of couple or between two individuals who want to love without getting hurt.

Consider this compatibility assessment your longer-term relationship barometer. Exhale that anxious breath — the assessment doesn’t feature complicated quizzes with mind-numbing calculations. This assessment examines your profile and relationship preferences, summing up your compatibility through a carefully crafted formula.

We cover life purpose, finances, partner expectations, devotion, and of course, a touch of innocent intimacy. Upon completion of the assessment, we will show you how compatible you and your partner really are.

Developed by a team of internationally acclaimed software developers and leading psychotherapy professionals with over 30 years of professional experience, Compatibility by Motivats helps to reduce the areas of conflict between couples through diagnosing potential problem areas and offering advice on what to work on in order to achieve relational success. It uses a combination of algorithms that ease the process of evaluation and reporting.

Compatibility by Motivats is ideal for couples intending to get married, couples in counselling and even couples who just want to achieve optimum relational success.

Each partner will be sent an assessment questionnaire to fill in separately, after which an analysis will be completed and final report with scores sent. 

NB: Mobile Payments by MPESA can be made to -> Link:

With 24 years of marriage under our belt, 3 authored books on love relationships, with a following of over one million people, 240 million hashtag views, we are going to show you the strategies that have proven to work successfully in generating a love mindset that leads to a successful love life. And more than that, these methods have completely changed many people's lives who have shown a deep sense of commitment and determination to starting a love relationship.

We look forward to seeing you.