Happy 2023 Motivat lovers, it’s another year and we have great expectations for this year and great things in store for you. We know most of us were expecting that come midnight, you will receive a kiss from a special someone but instead you only watched it happen to someone else. Keep your chin up, we are here to make sure that happens. Our desire is that you will find the love of your life this year, this goes beyond wishful thinking, it’s about making that bold step. 

We all need love, and whether we had it but lost it and in the process caused us enormous hurt or we simply lost ourselves along the way. Even though it may not seem like it now, you will heal and with the help of professionals like us the journey becomes easier. That’s our commitment to you this year. As you make goals for the year 2023, purpose the following:

  • Love yourself: This seems like something everyone says or is said on a daily basis, but the truth is alot of us are single because we don’t believe we deserve the love of a good woman or man. We remain in toxic relationships because we don’t think we can do any better. As Motivats we say to you, you deserve to love and be loved, to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship. This new year, focus on what makes you happy, maybe a new career move, new hairdo, change of wardrobe, workout routine or just volunteering to help others. You cannot fully love others unless you love yourself truly, make this your goal this year.


  • To find your happily ever after: Our dear ladies out there, you dream about your wedding, you probably have a dress in mind, venue and the theme of your wedding. As a man, you wish to get a good lady, to make you a happy home and probably raise a family together. Those dreams are valid, and we will partner with you to make it come true. Finding love does not have to be a daunting lonely task, it should be an enjoyable and fulfilling journey as you experience the knots and flatters of love. The Motivats have a new commitment this year, to walk this journey with you and together we get you the “one”. Let us make your dream wedding or happy home happen, we are motivated and ready.


  • Do things differently: They say we cannot do the same things and expect different results, everything you have done to find love and has not worked, it’s time for change.  To keep climbing the corporate ladder we invest a lot in sharpening our skills. We should invest the same in our love life, and the Motivats have great courses that will help sharpen your relationship skills.

Once again, we wish you a love filled 2023, as you experience all the joys of being in love and finding someone you can undertake the journey of life together.

We are Motivated, let's make it happen.