This month we have committed to sending out love affirmations to the singles out there, in the hope that they become part of your belief system. And here is why, what you feed your mind constantly tends to manifest itself whether in a positive and negative way. With time your words, your thought patterns, your belief system become aligned to that to the extent that it requires radical change to act differently. We have all heard stories about hurt and pain due to love, we also hear love stories that are like fairy tales, it’s what you believe about the kind of love you deserve, that’s what you attract. This month, together let us make positive affirmations about love, let us throw good thoughts about love out there and watch it manifest. There have been success stories of people who stand in the mirror every morning and repeat life affirming words, and it works.

Through it all our message to you will be consistent because we want to believe that love is within your grasp but you must want it and be ready for it.

  • You deserve to love and be loved: No matter what your childhood was like, no matter what your love life has been upto this point, you deserve true love, in the same measure you give. There only place it’s written that you cannot find love because you don’t deserve it or are jinxed, is in your mind, and the delete button is with you. Let us believe together that this year you deserve the best, remind yourself every day that your past has no bearing on your future love life, you can have any kind of future you want. With Motivats as your partners, it’s truly possible.

  • Gift yourself love: Once the belief system is aligned to love, the next step is to be ready to receive love, all barriers have been broken. And not just any love, NO, we mean to have a passionate, fulfilling relationship that will last for decades. A gift must be received so that it can mean something and encourage to keep giving. Write it down somewhere, and even doubts creep in refer to it, in 2023 you are gifting yourself love.

We believe in you and we know you have what it takes to love and give it your all to the right person who will not only receive and withhold, but give back as well. As we send these affirmations to you, envision the love life you want. There is no harm in thinking about your wedding, it may sound crazy but think about it. Before you move into a house, you start scouting real estate online listings for motivation and inspiration, so why not do the same for your wedding. In 2023, let us say strong resounding YES to love, let us get ready to challenge our beliefs and dare to believe. As we said earlier, you can have any kind of future you want as regards love, just envision it. 

As Motivats, we remain motivated to inspire you and to motivate you also to take a bold step towards finding the “one”. We will walk together hand in hand, as we proclaim 2023, THE YEAR OF LOVE.