Today my lesson came from a source close to home, my daughter, she is a brilliant designer and it amazes me how she creates something out of nothing, as per my layman understanding. Truth be told I could not do what she does, I am very proud of her and I love watching her work.  It all starts with a phone call, a client who wants certain modifications or a new design done. In her small notebook I see her scribble a few notes, as she listens and asks a few questions. The call does not last long and once she is done she moves to what she calls her creative space. It’s a huge desk, with white plain papers and all sorts of drawing tools, it’s where magic happens. On that blank piece of paper she begins to draw, and lines and shapes merge together to a beautiful design. 

This brings me back to our talk about a blank canvas, how we can rewrite our happy ending, whilst with drawings you can erase and redraw, in life it’s not as easy but it’s necessary. We are presented with a blank canvas and equipped with the drawing tools at our disposal to draw our happy ending. That’s not easy to do because it's something we rarely think about, but we agreed to paint with bright colors. If you were asked to draw your dream house, I imagine it would be a mansion worth to be in a magazine cover, manicured lawns, gorgeous sceneries because at one point we all have imagined and seen such houses and desired to live in them. The same thing goes for our dream car, we can describe it in great details. 

But somehow when presented with a blank canvas to rewrite our love life, move past the scars and desire a different ending is not an easy thing. Maybe because we have been told that we cannot erase the past. To some extent it’s true but you don’t have to leave in that space for the rest of your life, you made mistakes but they don’t define you. Why do you need a blank canvas to rewrite your happy ending?

  • To rewire your belief system: You are much more than what that relationship that didn’t work out reduced you too, no matter how ugly or painful it was , you must believe it does not define who you are, only you can put labels on yourself. And that’s what the canvas should do, help you see the sunset and encourage you to walk towards it as you leave your past behind.
  • Discover new purpose: Every scar, every heartbreak left you a better person even if you can’t see it for now, some of the bestselling authors and writers were inspired by some deep pain but once they decided to rewrite their future they discovered a new purpose. Channel that energy into a new hobby or a new adventure, as you explore new landscapes and discover new talents, you are already painting a new future.
  • Be a driver’s seat of your love life: The blank canvas helps you envision the future you want and you should not settle for less. No matter who comes into your life, they should not take over but together agree on a future that fulfills both of you. Go ahead, get the past put of the driver’s seat and take charge, there is sunset after a storm.

As the Motivats, we believe in a bright and happy future for you, and we walk with you till you believe it too. Then together we get you a great match so that you can achieve your happily ever after. For once you have painted a new picture, we will not let it gather dust, go out there and live it, and as always we promise to walk that journey with you.